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Virgin Money Shoot...

Virgin Money staff photo shoot for the new lounges available to Virgin Money customers.

These images and more can be seen on their new ipad app..


Harry Potter's very own.....


Rusty Goffe - a true legend. Check out the link below to the filming for The Little Big Voice viral marketing campaign...  it really is hilarious!

Click Here to watch the viral ad.

* You can click on this image under "work" to see the image enlarged.



On location at Dovestones... Faux Fur!


On location at Dovestones... With Tim posing as Posh Spice :-) This was a shoot for a stylish country wear fashion brand... 


Winter Make Up..

During winter time the hearsh weather conditions can impose certain musts when it comes to winter make up. Whatever winter make up you want to wear needs to begin with skincare that will protect your skin ffrom the cold and wind.

Nourish and really hydrate your skin because the cold outside will make it more sensitive and will also make it dry. Apply a moisturiser with a minimum SPF of 15 particularly for sun protection. Yes the sun! "What we never get any?" Even though you cant see it or feel it, the rays still can be harmful to your skin. Apply your moisturiser and let it soak in before you apply your foundation....

Take a look below at some of this winters make up trends.

Natural look...

One of this year`s winter make up trends is all about keeping it low and natural. You don`t need to apply a lot of make up and can still look amazing...

Cat Eyes....

Cat eye make up is always in fashion because it looks great and it elongates the eyes making them appear more feminine and definately sexier...  Go on give it a go and surprise the guys! Traditionally it is done with eyeliner (liqud, pencil or gel) but it also looks great with dark eye shadow and is a more elaborate version on the classic smoky eye... See my 5 step guide for help with this..


The Snowy Frosty look...

The frosty look is a perfect winter make up. It fits pictures of winter perfectly ... snow, ice & frost. Brrrhh. 


Can I make my eyes look bolder and more defined by just wearing make-up?

Yes, absolutely you can!

It depends on the shape of your eye, but generally speaking using a eyeliner pencil to define your eyes works well.  Try starting the liner on the outside corner of your eye and slowy work your way towards the tear duct corner, you can do this on the top and bottom lid. Some do prefer to just apply to the top lid and the corner on the bottom lid.  

Try to make the line finer as you go along the line, particularly for daytime, as with a lot of make up tips i suggest you have a play around with it and see whats suits you best for your eye shape.  For best results try applying the liner after after on your preferred eye shadow and put the liner on both top and bottom lids after the shadow.

Some ladies prefer / suit a thicker line, this tends to look best on larger and round eyes.

Depending on your colouring, the most popular colour seems to be black but you could try brown or an aubergine colour for a softer look.

Alternatively, for an even softer way to define your eyes, you could try applying a fine line of a darker eye shadow, an angled shading brush works best. Just watch out dropage of the shadow, i find holding a tissue on your cheek catches the sprinkles well.

I suggest also applying a couple of coats of mascara to thicken and lengthen your lashes, this will also help to bold and define your eyes and finish off the look.... 

For a bolder and more evening / party look you could apply the liner to your eye lid margin... (the pinky wet line above your bottom lashes). Also see my 5 step guide on how to do the classic smoky eye look.